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APS HVAC Test Results

In our column on Friday, May 11th we talked about the new APS (Arizona Public Service) program call Advanced Diagnostic Tune-up. This is an AC Tune-up rebate program which rewards the customer with a $100 rebate if they have their operational AC unit tuned up by a participating contractor using approved advanced diagnostic equipment.

I had this test performed on my AC unit on Thursday May 17th. My AC passed the tune-up test and those things called internal and external pathways were all in the good to normal range for a 6 year old unit. There were no signs of abnormal aging, no deposits of calcium throughout the AC system soft body tissues, the heart valves were all working, the blood vessels and glands were all within the normal range. There are critical components to the test and these results are determined after performing a 15-20 minute evaluation. The snap shot did indicate there were 7 critical issues with the unit and if left as they were, it would take the unit longer to cool, use more energy and struggle more during cooling hours and eventually cause the unit to wear out faster. The coils were terribly dirty and this was an issue was discovered after reviewing the testing results. The dirt caused the run time to increase and had an effect on other operating components, making the unit work harder.

The technicians cleaned the coils and added a tiny amount of refrigerant and bingo – I now have an efficiently running ac unit, proof that my unit has no need for pharmaceutical medications, it must feel better and will certainly perform better and is probably healthier than it has ever been. The unit was tested for refrigerant leaks, relative humidity, dry bulb temperature, condenser air in and air out, static pressure, low side pressure, target superheat, target subcool, system airflow and actual temperature. Have your unit tested for a bright and healthier life span and this can save you energy use and utility expenses.

In all seriousness, my unit did pass the diagnostic test and I now have a level of comfort that my unit is operating and performing above the manufacturer standards. For peace of mind, it was money well spent and thank you Arizona Public Service for being a great utility partner and making programs like this available to the consumer.

Remember this is a limited time rebate offer and is offered to 6,000 APS customers only.

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