Will I Really Save Money if I Clean the Back of My Refrigerator?

With all of the talk about going green and saving energy, will I really save money if I clean the back of my refrigerator?

- Shirley in Prescott Valley.

Shirley, you should cleann the back of your refrigerator and underneath it, once a year. This maintenance chore will do more than any other to extend the life of your refrigerator and keep it operating efficiently. First, unplug the refrigerator. t will take at least a half hour and start by cleaning the wall behind the refrigerator. Locate the condenser coils. To clean the coils, remove the cover panel and gently vacuum. Use a soft broom to sweep away lint and loose dirt from the coils and then gently vacuum again. Pull the drip pan out from under the refrigerator and empty it. Soak in warm water, clean and then dry and replace. Plug the unit back in and it should be cold within 15 minutes.

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