When to Replace Your Windows

We want to replace our windows. Not basing this replacement on obtaining energy saving rebates, what other suggestions and signs would say it is time to replace windows?

The first and most trustworthy relied upon sign is that tell-tale condensation that appears on the glass when it is humid outdoors and the inside of your home is cool and comfortable. Water condensation droplets on your glass window usually means that the window’s interior seal has failed and this causes your home air conditioner to work extra hard. Inevitably, all double paned windows will fail at some time. This happens due to deterioration caused from heat, sun, power washing and use of chemicals to clean the windows. All window frames have desiccants installed and this a product used for moisture free areas, which are able to abstract water from the window frame. Desiccants are similar to the little bags of crystals that are found inside of vitamin bottles, handbags, and shoe boxes and will last approximately 5 to 10 years. If you happen to have or see one window in your home with moisture issues, and all of the windows were installed at the same time, it is quite possible that all windows have failed and you should look at replacement or replacing the thermal pane window unit. If you have windows that have white streaks on them, this is caused by the desiccants staining the window due to air space in your window panes being heated from the outside and cooling from the inside and the air expanding. These white streaks are pitted into the glass and cannot be removed. If you have aluminum windows, a local glass company can replace the glass. Wooden windows should have a wooden widow expert called in to address those issues. Wooden windows are very tricky. Other items to see if you should replace windows would be to wave a lighted candle around the edges of your windows. If the flame flickers, it is a sign that the widow is drafty and that means that cool air is escaping from your home and hot air is entering your home. This is a sign that you might possible want energy-efficient windows. If you have to struggle and tussle and make great effort in opening and closing your windows then maybe it is time to investigate new windows. Cam you hear too much outdoor noise when you are inside your home? Then possible new windows with dual pane glass and energy-efficient air space will help deaden the noise. Can you see daylight around the perimeter of the windows? That is a sign of broken seals. Do you have to scrape and caulk and paint your wood windows – then maybe it is time to replace with a more user friendly window frame product. And, if you are planning to sell you home, low-maintenance, energy-efficient windows can be a selling point and they can certainly make your home more attractive and energy-efficient.

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