What to Do if you Have Drafty Windows ?

Our windows are drafty. Our home was built in 1940 and we have the original windows. What can we do?

Not actually seeing the windows, there are possibly a number of issues that are causing the draft and air infiltration. More than likely you have single pane windows. If the windows do not have insulated glazing, it is possible that the draft you sense is just the cold air coming in from the surface of the window. Throughout the years your home has settled and the window installation could be off kilter. It is possible that the caulking has fallen out and/or diminished. Is there sash weather-stripping installed? We highly recommend that you contact a professional window company/companies to survey the situation. It is possible that replacement of the windows with dual pane energy efficient windows will be the solution. Approximately 25% to 35% of the energy used in homes is
wasted because of inefficient windows and glass.

I read a very interesting fact that if all residential windows in the United States were replaced with Energy Star-qualifying models, we would save $7 billion in energy costs over the next 15 years.

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