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What to Consider When Remodeling a Bath

Are you considering a bath remodel?

My husband is 80 and I am 82.  We are considering remodeling our master bath and not sure exactly what direction to go in. 

We have had a lot of calls lately on “sprucing up” of baths, both master and guest.  Baths as the same with a kitchen remodel can make or fracture a transaction when it comes to buying or selling a home.  In remodeling a bath, it is critically important to think about what works for you, as well as what potential buyers might want.  First of all, determine what space you have available.  Is there a possibility you can enlarge the bath by transitioning into an adjoining closet or room or will the bath footprint have to remain the same.  Is there a current tub/shower unit in the master or do you have separate units?  If you do not take many baths, maybe you might want to consider removing the tub and enlarging the shower.  The extra space by removing the tub could lend itself to additional storage or larger vanities.  Do you currently have one or two vanity sinks?  Is the toilet separate?  Vanities are getting larger because storage is a constant demand.  Wall mounted cabinets and medicine cabinets are items that are key to storage and saving space. 

Baths are taking on more of a spa like experience now and a homeowner, depending on the depth of a remodel can spend $4,000 up to $50,000 and more on a bath remodel.  We can share with you the “skinny” on how fat the bank needs to be for remodeling.

Return-on-investment is positive for bath remodels.  Bathroom remodels usually have a high return on investment and are generally considered one of the smartest home improvement projects you can do. Bath remodels return around 80% or better.  This means that if you sold your home within a year of doing the improvement, more than likely you would recover $0.80 cents on the dollar for the construction improvement. 

A mid-range remodel would more than likely be a new toilet, walk-in shower with a tile or art glass surround, solid-surface double sink and vanity, medicine cabinet and of course a tile floor and new paint. New fixtures are an absolute must in any bath remodel from faucets, to lighting to cabinet and drawer pulls.  One of the major costs in remodeling a bath is moving plumbing fixtures so if you can maintain the same floor plan you will certainly spend less on plumbing – you will have more to fancy those fixtures.

It is easy to spend thousands of dollars on a bath remodel.  Again, you can go with iridescent glass tiles, exquisite glass vessel sinks, a totally upgrade and state of the art toilet and a granite or quartz countertop.  It is all about compromise and what will work for you and give you the enjoyment of a new bath, look and feel.  It is important to think about what elements in a bath you must have, those that you would like to change but do not have to or what you can live with and live without.

We talked with Tom Reilly, owner of Renovations Your Complete Remodel Resource and Tom said that if you are considering a bath remodel “gather pictures for décor ideas”.
“Magazines will give you pictures, trends and ideas of “what’s hot, what’s in and this is an easy way to discover wow-worthy make-over ideas”.  Tom has been a local builder for 30 years and remodeling baths is a favorite of his.  Of course, being a local contractor, remodeling and building anything has to be a favorite.

The stages that you can expect for a bath remodel are:

1.Design:  Just a simple toilet/shower/cabinet bathroom remodel, design or planning must take place.

2.Demolition:  Just what is says – removal.  There will be some type of demolition with any remodel.
3.Roughing-In:  Plumbing and electrical are of key importance in any bathroom remodel.
4.Installation of Shower and/or Bath:  The bathtub or shower are built or installed in accordance with the rough-in area. Bathroom sink and toilet, too, are installed.

5.Flooring, Cabinets, Paint and Fixtures:  Last to take place.

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