What is the Best Way to Repair a Broken Window Seal?

 I have a window with a broken seal. What is the best way to repair this?
- Ed in Prescott

Ed, some windows and patio doors are built to hold insulated glass windows, which are two or three pieces of glass sealed together with half an inch or so of air in between the glass. This sealed air space acts as insulation and can help lower your home’s energy costs. Over time, the seal of an insulated glass unit can and does deteriorate. You will know when this is happening when you see condensation on the inside of the window. Yes, a contractor can remove the window, take it apart, clean the glass and then rebuild the window and at best this is a difficult and expensive process. It is recommended that you replace the window. Brand new glass is less expensive than the time and labor involved to repair an old window. There are many new technologies that are making windows more energy-efficient and more convenient to clean all of the time. Also, replacing old windows with newer models can make your home more comfortable and add a new refreshing look.

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