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What is a Powershift Plan?

I have heard of something called a Powershift plan. What is that?

By changing when we do things, we can save money. For example, going to a matinee movie saves money, flying a “red-eye” flight saves money, getting summer hotel rates saves money. We can all get the same kind of non-prime time discounts from APS and Unisource Energy Services. Unisource Energy Service has a Powershift time-of-use monthly pricing plan which is available only in Kingman and Lake Havasu because those are the areas where Unisource has electric service. APS also has, what they call Time-of-use rate plans. APS has several plans and they are Time Advantage, Combined Advantage, Time Advantage Super-Peak Time Advantage 9pm-9am and Combined Advantage 9pm – 9am. With these plans you pay less for energy used during specific times of the day. Adjusting your energy use to occur during low-cost, off-peak hours whenever possible and staggering the use of major appliances during on-peak hours will save money. Realizing that when it comes to energy use, different people have different needs and that is why both of these utility companies have offered several rate plans, so you can find one that is most convenient for your lifestyle. These energy saving plans are perfect examples of taking control of your home environment and energy habits. The more you are able to shift usage away from peak hours, the better off you will be. By taking control and keeping your prime time usage to a minimum you will get the most from the APS Time Advantage programs. Set timers on spa pumps to run off-peak. Operate washing machines, fryers, dishwashers and non-essential appliances during off-peak hours. Adjust your air-conditioning thermostat to a higher setting and heater to a lower setting during peak hours or when you are not at home. Install a timer on water heaters so they operate mainly off-peak hours. Turn off unneeded lights during peak hours. Enjoy recreational baking and electricity-consuming hobbies during the off-peak hours, which include weekends and holidays. Listed is the APS rate chart for their Time Advantage programs. Visit our local APS office to sign up for any of their Time Advantage Programs.

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