What are Issues of Water Entering My Basement?

I have a log cabin in Highland Pines in Prescott. The cabin is on a hill and there is a french drain system installed around the cabin. In spite of this, water has been entering the lower level of my home. What are your suggestions to remedy this problem?

There are several possibilities that exist. Has the french drain been cleaned? A snake or rooter cable should be channeled through the drain tile if the drain has been installed for more than five years. Blockage from critters, sediment, yard debris, rain flow will not allow the drain to function as intended. As for other areas where water may be infiltrating from, an on site visit would be necessary. Such a visit would be complimentary and most general contractors, architects, landscapers or Geo-technical engineers would make a recommendation for the next course of action after a site review.

Without a site visit and reviewing the specific situation, I can only suggest possible issues and situations that are creating the problem. The french drain system might be inadequate or non-operable (clogged, broken). The slope may be too great to allow the french drain system operate properly (too much water is flowing towards the house at too fast of a rate). Excess water may be entering under or through the stem wall. Sealing the wall might possible take care of the situation. If there is too much water for the french drain to handle, a swale in front of the house/drain might be able to divert large amounts of water away from the home. You might have a natural spring in close proximity with water draining underground below the drain system, which would prevent the french drain from operating properly. Without physically assessing this situation, correction action cannot be given. These are only possibilities.

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