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Unisource Energy Audit vs. the APS Energy Audit?

Is there a difference with the Unisource Energy Audit vs. the APS energy Audit? If I am a customer of both utilities does it make a difference which one I use?

Both the APS Home Performance Energy Audit and the Bright Save Unisource Energy Services’ Energy Audit, offer comprehensive in-home energy analysis that identify where and how you can improve your home’s energy performance. Again, for clarification if you reside in the Quad City area, Unisource and APS have combined their energy audits and if you call Unisource for an audit, APS will come out and perform the audit. The glory of this combined partnership is that you as the customer will receive all of the prevailing rebates based on whether you have a gas furnace or an electric furnace. In addition, if the energy audit recommends that your HVAC unit is old, outdated and should be replaced, as well as your furnace, you are also eligible for both the electric and gas incentives from both of these utility companies. APS uses qualified contractors and conducts diagnostic tests that identify ways to increase your home’s efficiency. The APS energy audit looks at the AC system, ductwork and insulation inspections, a blower-door test is also performed.

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