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To Reface or Replace Cabinets

There are a couple of things to consider with the redo. Are you keeping your existing cabinets? If you are then a reface can certainly give you a new updated sleek look without the major renovation and of course without the “reservation tab” for dinners out.

Replacing will give you the opportunity to revise storage layouts, possibly add more drawers and roll-out options, crown molding and redo your work space area. Replacing usually costs more, however you will have an entirely new kitchen. If you reface, you can have new hinges, hardware and even add glass doors. (As well you can have these options with a replacement feature). The benefits for refacing are less interruption and expense. The benefits of replacement are cabinets with new features and you can maximize your usable space and replacement will give you the option of a new sink and faucet and maybe a countertop while you are at it. We have several wonderful local companies that reface and replace! As a side note, I just added new hardware to my cabinets and drawers and installed glass doors in a few upper cabinets and what instant drama and change in my kitchen. The hardest part was selecting knobs. I hate to say that I made one local hardware store crazy buying knobs. The store must have had at least 100 different knobs and I do believe that I tried at least 88 of them before I settled on a design, material, shape, color. Not only do knobs have to feel right, they have to look right.

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