Thanks to All Those Who Help Our Community

In the spirit of the Season, YCCA has elected to share some thoughts with you, in hopes that we all can work together to accomplish goals, goals that go well beyond satisfying our personal needs.

Thanksgiving is a day to pause and reflect upon the blessings in your life. It is a day to consider just how fortunate you are. Let’s face facts: It has been a tough year for many.

The building industry has taken a downturn, hurting many Realtors, brokers, mortgage people, contractors, suppliers and more – a significant portion of this very community’s population. Gas prices have rolled back and forth like they are determined by the roll of dice, and the national and local elections have affected the very being of our souls.

It is during these times that we need to take a breath and examine things in our respective lives and determine what we are truly thankful for is gravely important. We all do it – we get caught up in the negative and stress in our lives and overlook the things that make each of us fortunate in our own ways. Let’s start to focus on the positive and give thanks to those things and people that we are the most grateful for.

For instance, I am thankful for many of the special interest groups and citizens with opposing views. Without these groups and people, we would not have the opportunity to bring forth and challenge one another through robust debate and share heart-felt concerns and together being able to guide growth and preserve Prescott for generations to come. I am thankful for our all of our local governmental leaders, our Chambers of Commerce, and so many other groups that contribute to the growth and health of Prescott, far too many to mention. I am thankful for our builders and developers the heartbeat and pulse of Prescott, and all of the YCCA members who have a visionary insight that unites business and environmental interests into one goal. All of these people and companies offer whatever gifts are within their power – hospitality, service, sacrifice, material. Generous giving begets real gratitude and gratitude goes hand in hand with joy.

YCCA serves as one of the major building blocks for our community, together with others we are here for the community and the citizens. I am thankful for our top-notch organization that is here to assist the community when they need to hire a contractor or take on a campaign for the betterment of our area. I am thankful that YCCA is comprised of people and companies that have a great sense of generosity and community pride and sacrifice.

It is not always easy to make good choices, however with utilizing some of your local referral networks and organizations, we can inspire you to make good decisions, vote responsibly and learn all you can about this fine community we live in.

Food is an afterthought this Thanksgiving, we must remember to look forward to life as a feast and the stage for a dramatic play of our areas coming together.

YCCA loves hearing from you and we are thrilled to have so many of you send in questions to our ASK THE CONTRACTOR COLUMN. Thanks for sharing your questions and I want to hear more from you.

Warmest Wishes For A Joyous Thanksgiving

Sandy Griffis
Executive Director
Yavapai County Contractors Association

Phone: (928) 778-0040

Email: ycca@ycca.org

810 E. Sheldon Street, Prescott, AZ 86301

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