Is There a Difference with Dish Washer Products?

Do I use liquid dishwasher detergent or do I use powder detergent? What is the difference?

There are three types of detergent for dishwashers, liquid, powder or tabs. The choice is more of a personal one and we are going to share the differences. My personal preference is liquid and I have never experienced an issue after 5 years. I do not have spots on my glasses, silverware and the dishes are sparking clean. I do not seem to have any sticky residue inside the washer after each use. I have read that liquid detergents are not highly loved because of the convenience of the tablet products. Never having tied a tablet I do not know if I have more love for the tablet over the liquid. I compared prices and detergent in the powder form is more economically priced than the liquid form and you get more washes per “serving”. I have heard it said that powder cleans more efficiently. I know there are detergents with environmental capabilities in the powder form more so than the liquid form because liquid detergent consists mainly of water and then there are concentrated forms of liquid detergent, which can be a plus because you use less detergent and still have the same cleaning clout. Federal legislation commencing in 2010 banned phosphates as an ingredient in laundry detergent and the ban in Arizona is voluntary. There are several states that have adopted this ban and they are Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin. Because of this ban, several brands such as Colgate-Palmolive and Cascade are making detergents with few or o phosphates. These bans to no apply to commercial dishwashing products. Detergent products with limited or no phosphates are not as effective in making those dishes shine and glisten.

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