I Would Like to Know More About Window Replacement

Michael, window makers want people to think of replacement as a terms of energy consumption. Generally, window replacement means adding a new look to a home or a simple act of upkeep. Many consumers are in the dark when it comes to a replacement window as an energy saver. There is a savings of $400-$500 through Low-E glass. The energy-efficient factor is so important. You can go after high value but not worry about the wood grain and the recessed locks. That sizzle can cost you an extra $400 a window. You know, if you stick with value, you should be able to install a great value window taking care of the energy concerns for $400 to $500 even less. So you get into a two-year payback on a replacement window job, and most consumers are not aware of this. There are windows on the market that bring in green features. Windows that run low-E are becoming standard gear for any green-minded household, but soundproofing is making noise in the market as well. Several manufacturers are offering windows with 30 percent less noise. Also, there are windows that come with SunCoat, a clear Low-E coating applied to one side of the glass in dual-pane windows. This thin coating filters the sun’s energy in the summer and reduces heat loss in the winter.

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