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How to Control Dust, Eliminate Allergy Culprits and Save Money on Utility Bills

While driving down Sheldon Street a vehicle passed me that said Arrowseal.  What type of company is this and are they local?  

Arrowseal is a locally owned company that performs duct sealing through a new technology that tackles duct leaks from the inside out of the duct system.  If you live in a home that is 5 years or older, if you are experiencing high energy bills, a constantly running HVAC system and/or your home has excessive dust then you might possibly want to look at this duct sealing process.   Older homes and manufactured homes typically leak 30-40% or more of air through the duct system and after going through the Arrowseal process, the leaking is reduced to 10% or less.  Exact savings are difficult to precisely estimate since the savings depend of a multitude of variables such as the condition of the home, the design, the heating system, usage, and other factors.  I talked with Steve Voevodsky, partner with Arrowseal and Steve said “this process is one of the most effective ways of lowering the energy use in a home.”  A pre-test is performed on the duct system prior to sealing which indicates the amount of leakage being generated.  A post-test analysis is performed after the ducts have been sealed providing verification of the sealing process.  Prior to sealing the duct system, Arrowseal will determine if the duct work needs to be cleaned and if this is the case including the sealing process the company will be in your home several hours.  If cleaning is not necessary, the sealing process takes approximately 1-2 hours.  The sealing material is non-toxic, there is no lingering odor, there are rebates available from APS and Unisource and the sealing process has a 10 year warranty for failure.  This innovative process takes little time to bring you big savings and comfort and Mr. Voevodsky said there is no typical size of home that would benefit the most from the Arrowseal process.

Phone: (928) 778-0040


810 E. Sheldon Street, Prescott, AZ 86301

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