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How Do I Care for Granite Counter tops?

How do I care for my granite counter tops and how often should I seal my granite?
- Connie in Prescott

Connie, we suggest you clean stone surfaces with a few drops of PH-neutral stone cleaner (available at local granite shops) or you can use a mild dishwashing detergent and warm water, using a soft cloth for best results. Too much cleaner or soap may leave a film and cause streaks. Rinse the surface thoroughly after washing with a soap solution. Do not use scouring powders or creams; these products contain abrasives that may scratch the surface. Granite is a very durable surface. In fact, it is the hardest of the polished stones commercially available. However, granite is porous which makes it susceptible to stains. Granite must be sealed so that it can repel liquids and retain its beauty for years to come. Once sealed, granite is relatively stain resistant! To keep your sealed granite looking new, remember these simple tips: Oil is especially hard on granite. Anytime you fry foods on your stove, put down kitchen towels on the surrounding granite to protect it from spattered oil. Annual cleaning and resealing is recommended. Wipe down your counter tops after use. Dust and grit act as sandpaper and wear down the finish. Only use a product that is specifically formulated for granite to clean your counter tops. Be careful of foods and drinks that contain acids, these may dull the surface. Remember to use trivets or mats under hot dishes and placements under china, ceramics, silver or other objects. Most granite shops apply a quality penetrating sealing at the time of installation.

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