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How Can I Stop Water from Seeping into my House?

- Peter In Prescott Valley

Peter it is critical to keep water from entering the home or from going under the home. When you say water, I am assuming rain water and I am also assuming entry of the water from ground level and not a roof leak. Is the water entering the home in different areas or is it reduced to a single area only? You want to reduce the water seepage and this means preventing rain from entering the soil near the area in question. The first thing is to make sure that the area/ground around your home is sloping away from the foundation. Next, gutters should be installed if you do not already have them, and if you do, it is critical to make sure that the water from the downspouts flows and is directed away from your foundation and being discharged at least six feet away from the house. If your downspouts empty closer than that, you should install extension piping, this is black corrugated semi-flexible pipes that can be added to the end of the downspout to extend the water flow. It is possible that you might have to create a “swale” in your yard as well. This will allow water running toward the house to be diverted away and around the home. Plant beds and flower beds should not be up against the home and these areas should not hold water. It might be after you check these items, that you will have to dig around and below the foundation to check for cracks in the stem walls. This would then require a water proofing sealer be applied. It is also important to note if you get any water symptoms during dry weather, or if the symptoms are associated only with rain. Note the time elapsed between the onset of rain and the appearance of water in your home.

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