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Green Decking Options

We are looking for a decking that has a green option.

Decking is now more than a 9 billion dollar industry and is growing daily.  The original decking material was just plain old wood and homes had covered porches where the wood was painted.  In the 1950’s sun decks became popular and with the arrival of sun decks and with exposure to the sun came maintenance requirements.  That maintenance often depended on toxic solvents, paints, stains and sealers.  Now we have evolved into a greener society and today, if cost is not a factor, the greenest decking is a plantation-grown wood product that is naturally resistant to rot and bugs and does not need further preservative treatment.  Eco-friendly decking includes black locust or tamarack or domestic and tropical woods (redwood and teak) and all are certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council.  Many homeowners are weary of maintenance and want to “set-it and forget-it” and there are many plastic and plastic-wood composite lumber products which are made from recycled content that are maintenance free.  These products are composites, plastics and vinyl and we will address these individual materials next week.  

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