Gas-Fired Equipment Rebates

Are there rebates for gas-fired equipment?
- Nellie in Prescott Valley

If you are planning to upgrade existing gas-fired equipment in an existing building to more efficient models or if you are building a new building with high-efficiency equipment you may be eligible for a rebate. The efficient home heating program provides rebates towards the purchase of qualifying high-efficiency natural gas equipment, replacing older inefficient furnaces. The amount of the rebate depends on the type and size of equipment you purchase. Installing an energy-efficient furnace can save money, save energy, improve comfort and benefit the environment. You are eligible for the rebate if your are a Unisource Energy Services residential gas customer. The new furnace must be installed at a UES gas service address. The new furnace must have a minimum efficiency rating of 90 AFUE. Contact a participating HVAC contractor for an estimate. Once your furnace is installed, your HVAC contrator will mail a completed application with proof of purchase Unisource. UES will verify the equipment efficiency and then issue a check to you. The rebate amount is $325.

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