Dryer Won't Dry?

Our dryer is almost three years old and it does not seem to be drying the clothes within the cycle time. The back of the dryer is hot when I open the door, however the clothes are damp. What is causing this?

More than likely according to Doug the dryer vent is clogged, therefore trapping the steam inside the dyer. To investigate and check this issue out with a do-it-yourself method, pull the dryer out from the wall and detach the venting. Turn the dryer on with a few of the damp clothing items inside and if the dryer operates and dries the clothes properly the vent needs to be cleaned and/or replaced. Make sure the venting is as short and as straight as possible without a lot of “cricks and curves”. If you have good quality aluminum venting, then clean your vent and move the dryer back into place and it should then work fine. If the problem persists, then you should contact a quality service provider to help.

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