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Did you Know? General Helpful Little Tips - Part 2

• You can calculate the operating cost of any electrical appliance by checking its wattage and using this formula:

Wattage x hours used/1,000 = kWh
kWh x cost per kWh = operating cost

• ENERGY STAR dishwashers are at least 13% more energy efficient than standard models.

• 60% to 80% of the power used by the dishwasher is consumed just to heat the water.

• Your refrigerator uses the most electricity of all the appliances in your home.

• There are a lot of simple things people can do to save energy. And there are deeper improvements that make homes more energy-efficient (and safer and more comfortable at the same time). An energy audit can help you figure out the steps that make the most sense for your and your home. Regarding the home energy audit, it is important to get the right audit-accurate and actionable and looking at the right things like duct leakage, air infiltration, and equipment efficiency and combustion safety and an analysis of utility bills.

• A 12-foot piece of plastic decking has more than 1,000 recycled plastic jugs in it.

• Homeowners who opt for green remodeling modifications, including energy-efficient appliances and programmable thermostats, can lower their residences’ energy consumption by 30 to 50 percent.

• Visibility is an element of universal design that outlines the minimum requirements a home should fulfill in order to be visited by anyone.
The three principles of visibility are:

1. A step-free entrance
2. Doors and hallways that are at least 32 inches wide
3. An accessible bedroom and bath on the first level

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