Did you Know? General Helpful Little Tips - Part 1

I have a connection with the developmentally disabled community in Prescott and I was wondering if there are any construction industry companies that might possibly employ the developmentally disabled on a job site or as an extra pair of hands for a subcontractor?

Using dimmers on incandescent bulbs increases bulb life and decreases the energy used.

• If every American home exchanged the five most-used bulbs with Energy-Star qualified bulbs, one trillion pounds of greenhouse gases would be kept out of the air providing a savings of $6 billion in energy.

• Americans have saved $20 billion on energy bills with the help of Energy-Star.

• Washing your clothes in cold or warm water can save a lot of energy. A whopping 85-90 percent of the energy used by washing machines is for heating the water.

• There are two simple ways to make your dyer more energy efficient:
(1) replace any flexible hosing with rigid piping to help reduce air flow restrictions and increase the drying capability, and
(2) verify that the outside vent flap is functional and clean; often it is found to be partially open due to lint build-up or mechanical damage.

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